Expedition Trust serves as trustee, or co-trustee, of revocable, irrevocable, and charitable trusts, as well as managed self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Expedition Trust does not administer ERISA accounts.

Expedition Trust offers South Dakota situs trusts, including directed trusts, dynasty trusts, asset protection trusts, captive insurance trusts, and the full panoply of tax and flexibility advantages that come from trusts administered and sitused in South Dakota with a South Dakota trust company.



Expedition Trust serves as custodian, including custodian for guardianship accounts, for both personal agency and trust accounts as well as institutional custody accounts.

As custodian for personal agency and trust accounts, Expedition Trust allows clients to have all their accounts (trust and agency, including IRAs) held by a single fiduciary, while permitting them to employ different third-party investment managers to manage their accounts on a discretionary basis.

As an institutional custodian, Expedition Trust will provide a centralized holding and reporting location for foundations, endowments, and other institutions that may have engaged several investment managers to manage their assets.


Expedition Trust will provide informed access to outside professional investment management service and advice with respect to any fiduciary assets that require money management services. In line with providing a true client-first experience, Expedition Trust will work with clients to identify and select the best available managers and conduct an ongoing evaluation process. Our clients are never far-removed from decision-makers.


Expedition Trust will serve as executor or agent-to-the-executor if appointed as such in wills or other testamentary instruments. Fiduciary responsibilities as executor or agent include probate of the will and administration and settlement of the estate.